The Modern Shopper

There isn't a woman alive that doesn't love to shop. It may not be at the latest hot boutique or the swankiest upscale store, but she still shops. What’s more, when she does her favorite type of shopping, for new fun clothes, she can spend hours and hours looking for the right outfit. But like all creatures, there is method to her madness, if you know where to look.

3 Types Of Shoppers

The Bargain Hunter

This particular type of shopper loves a bargain. It doesn't matter if she is hunting down the latest and greatest outlet mall or hunting for specials at all her favorite online dress stores. If she’s on the hunt for a new outfit, it better be at least fifty percent off the regular retail price.

The Vintage Queen

You would never catch this particular hunter in a store that sold new clothes. Heavens no – it must be at least thirty years old before she will even consider the dress or hat. Some vintage shoppers specialize in an era, such as the 50s. Others just love to look for great prices on unusual pieces. For this shopper, her idea of horror is to see another woman in the same exact outfit.

The Fashion Princess

Most of these hunters are young, often still in college. If you want to know exactly what colors are big this season, check with this young huntress. She knows the right shade of nail polish to wear, how big your collar should be, and what kind of accessory is right for this season. Just be careful, because the seasons change fast, often lasting only weeks.

What's Your Secret?

So whatever type of shopper is in your life, you can be sure that she has her secret methods. Each has her very own special brand of shopping, and her favorite places to do this. Like a bird in her nest, this is the best place to look for that particular hunter of shopping trophies.